A first look on your wedding day is a special moment shared between the bride and groom before the ceremony. It's a time for the couple to take a deep breath and take in the excitement of the day, without the pressure of all the guests watching. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider doing a first look on your wedding day:


It can help calm nerves. Seeing each other before the ceremony can help ease any pre-wedding jitters and make the couple feel more relaxed and ready to walk down the aisle.


It creates an intimate moment. A first look is a private moment between the bride and groom, and it allows them to have a moment of quiet before the hustle and bustle of the ceremony and reception.


It can make the ceremony more meaningful. Seeing each other before the ceremony can make the moment the couple sees each other at the altar even more special.


It allows for more time for portraits. By doing a first look, the couple can take their formal photos before the ceremony, which means more time for candid shots and less time away from your guests during the reception.


It's a great way to start off the wedding day. The first look is a great way to kick off the wedding day, and it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

You can always do a first look with your parents and bridesmaids as well!

Overall, a first look on your wedding day is a personal choice and you should consider if it's something that fits with your wedding plans and what you want for your big day. It's a special moment that can add a new level of excitement to your wedding day.