It's such an important moment.

Dinner is served, your guests are happy and well fed, drinks are flowing and it's finally time for the final speech of the night: The 'Thank You' speech.

We've heard a lot of speeches in our day. There's the classic, short and sweet: "thanks for coming out everyone!" Or the bride going on a long tangent only for the groom to step on to the mic and say "ditto." While these techniques are convenient, these speeches are not usually pleasant, especially for guests who have come such far distances to hear the bride and groom speak! Here is some advice from us on how you can structure your 'Thank You' speech that will leave your guests tearing up, awww-ing, and remember all night long.

It's important to note, as a wedding videographer, the audio from the wedding day is such a beautiful touch to the highlight video. I try and cohort snippets of soundbites throughout the day, but if you're uncomfortable talking with a camera in your face (is anyone really?), then it can be difficult to talk from the heart. Hopefully this list will help guide you structure your 'Thank You' speech with ease that your videographer can include in your final videos.

I love recommending to my clients to start with the bride and groom speech. Yes you heard that right!

Picture this, you dance in your entrances for the first time as husband and wife, and you immediately walk over to the podium, and shout, "Hey everyone, we finally did it!! *cue applause.

If you're a nervous speaker, this is a great way to get this speech out of the way. You can then sit down for the rest of dinner and enjoy a glass a wine or two without butterflies in your stomach. It also sets the tone for the next speakers, no one wants to go first, so give your bridal party/parents/whomever a chance to follow your lead. Bring the energy and let it goo!

Always start with a hello, and end with a thank you to your guests. But what do you sandwich in the middle? The key is to include something that emphasizes your love story. You can talk about your bachelor party all night, but the point of the wedding day is to celebrate the bride and groom, so keep this in mind when you structure your speech.

Without further ado, here are some topics that can help shape your 'Thank You' speech:

  1. Tell your guests when you first knew you found 'The One.'
  2. Share the first moment you said 'I love you'.
  3. Share a travel experience that went from disastrous to hilarious.
  4. Talk about your 'firsts'- first pet together, first home together, first time meeting the parents.
  5. Share one hobby or experience the other person has opened your world to. For example: My new husband introduced me to the love of reading, or my wife has opened up my palette and I'm now a foodie.
  6. Share a tick that drives you crazy, but makes them who they are (and you wouldn't trade it for the world!)
  7. Name one thing about each other that you're super proud of that they've accomplished in the last few years.
  8. Give your guests a sneak peek of each of your morning routines and let them decide which is more weird.
  9. Explain how your partner got their 'pet name'.
  10. Want to improvise? Share your feelings on the wedding day morning, what emotions and thoughts were running through your mind.

We hope this list gives you a better understanding on what to include in your 'Thank You' speech!